About the characters


Sky:  The main character of the story. The eyes we are looking trough most of the time. The ears we listen trough. Her words you will be reading. She is mostly the shy girl listening around her world. Mostly her mind goes to fast to keep up. Mostly around her friends she loses attention because her mind is somewhere else. She is distracted fast, if not focused enough. Quite of words, but is mostly busy in her own thoughts. Books, sweaters and sugar are her happiness, but sometimes her feelings get a little to far out of hand.

Lily: The older sister of Sky. She is mostly busy. Her sarcasm is out of this world. And around Jennifer she is unstoppable. She has beauty and the brains. Her weakness is shopping and is not afraid to hide it at all. She cares a lot, but sometimes a little to much. She mostly is texting friends or people for school.

Jennifer: Best friend of Lily and also a good friend to Sky. She sometimes hangs around with both of them. She also has a lot of sarcasm and is not afraid to let it be heard. Her word sometimes comes as a surprise and she loves taking pictures. She is mostly seen as a sister type to Lily and Sky.

Kate: Best [Online] friend of Sky. Her words are wise and well thought. She mostly talks to Sky on a daily basis. They are not seen together most of the time because of there family’s. The mostly text all day and spent days sending each other pictures. She and Sky mostly watch the same shows and movies. There music taste is the same and also there book taste. They can talk about books for days if needed. Sarcasm, sweaters, sugar and books. She is basically the best friend she could wish for.

Helena & Gerard: Old schoolfriend and her boyfriend who sometimes come up in her life. Helena sometimes makes jokes that are a little to far out of line. Helena has been Sky’s friend since the last years of school. Her boyfriend Gerard is quite, but if seen he is mostly always seen around Helena.

Zeke: A boy who is sometimes around the story and Sky doesn’t know much about him yet.. Jennifer and Lily don’t like him that much..

Family list: Dad, Mom, Aunt S, Niece N

Marcus: A random guy we should not worry about to much..