Dear Kate,
I am so sorry I haven’t been writing so often. Someone should really remind me to write more. [I know you can’t because you are to busy.] I have been with my nose deep into a book I can not come out of. I still have around 140 ages to go, but I need to write a little. I have been writing in my notebook a lot and there is one piece I want to type out badly. It is a piece about Thursday the 11th. I had the weirdest moment and I had to write something about it. I had to get it out of my brain..

I know you are stuck with your exams now and I can’t wait for you to finish them. I really hope it goes well. Right now I have to wait I guess. Write more, read more, wait more.

Before I forget. The books came in. One got canceled what kind of sucked, but the others were perfectly fine. They are in good condition. I ordered a new phone case instead. It will come in soon and of course I will definitely show it to you. I had been busy to clean my shelf’s again. And I saw ‘You know who’ again. He got different jeans and I secretly do like them. He also got rid of that almost growing beard. Thank the gods for that. I still don’t know what he wants. All we do is stare at each other and that is it. Not even joking that is it. I sometimes wished he was a ‘fuckboy’ because then i could have hated him. ‘It is easier to hate someone that to admit you love them.’ Some days i hoped he would have used social media to talk to me. It would be more useful than looking at each other with a lot of people walking between us.. We do talk a lot about him.. I am sorry for that. I just know i can trust you with this..

Oh if you wondered, yes it is raining again. On this very moment I am waiting on it. I can see the sky turn grey. Not yet the dark shade that almost looks black. It is the light sweatshirt colored kind at this point. It is slowly getting darker. It is fine. I know we both love grey and the rain. I could write for days about the rain. About the looks, the way it falls,  the sadness, the calm feeling it gives, the soft sounds in makes when it hits something, the weird smell that you will only last a second or three and specially the cold touch when it hits you. I sound watch it for hours if I had to. But instead I am writing. Waiting. As always. Waiting..

At this very moment. Right now when I am writing this the sky has turned the dark grey and it is only seconds before the rain is going to fall. The trees at the back of the house suddenly look more green. You should see it. It is great. I should get a sweater because the wind is starting. And everyone is suddenly going inside..
And now the sky is dark, wind is doing its job, the lightning is bright and loud and the rain is falling. And there is me, looking at it with my notebook in hand.
Ready as always. Waiting..


X, Sky


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