Dear Kate,

Do you ever notice someone looking at you? Can you feel their eyes burning on your skin like the sun. Burn like tears hiding behind your eyes. Do you ever want them to look at you longer than you can ever hope for? Do you hope for them to talk one day? To finally confirm that the person was looking all this time? Do you ever hope for them, those eyes, to look at you and ask what they wanted to ask you since day one? Do you hope for those eyes to call you over? Maybe those eyes call you ‘’Mine’’ one day. For that all you can do is hope.. Do you ever look into those eyes and wonder how they are looking at you? And specially why?

Eyes are special in that way. They can say a lot but hide a lot too. So things we will never understand. The truth, the past. But words can fill them in. Sometimes. Some words have to be spoken to be understood, some are powerful enough understood written down. Listening to sounds can make a mood swing to a good side or bad side in under four minutes by sounds. In under five hundred pages you can run into another world by just reading letters. We find it sad to find out a couple breaking up. It is more horrible to find out that your friends parents are breaking up. But the most terrible one is when your friend is the one breaking up with the person they called ‘the soul mate of their lives’. It is horrible to read, but when you hear it.. It still is more painful.
I find writing easier than talking to some people. I guess that is because I grew up without many friends and most of the friends I made later in life are living far away. So I had no other choose than to write them. I guess writing is the most easy thing to do these days. We have so much writing to do in our lives. Specially on our phones these days. But I am not going to write about all these children walking around with better phones than we both have. I can safe that for another letter. Or not. We will see.
Before I forget I did do the research for the new writing we are planning to do. I found a stack of good books to read for the writing style. I guess we still need to read some of them. But first you have some work for yourself. I know that there is a busy month coming along. So I guess I will have to keep myself busy until you are done with school.

Maybe i will read ‘Thirteen reasons why’ again. I read it two years ago and it was lovely, hateful and above all painful. I did like the show. I love them both and anyone telling me they loved it.. It will probably mean instant friendship to me at that point. [I know you still have to read it. Don’t worry about that.] They all did a great job, but it was so underrated before and now it is becoming a little to big to fast without people loving the book. I guess i can’t complain. I should just be happy they did the best they could. 


‘’I guess words can describe a lot, but when the eyes don’t mean it.. They will never speak the truth. The truth might hurt, but it will always be better than another scar.’’

X, Sky


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