Dear Kate,

Saying something stupid is the same as shooting a bullet. You can never bend the way it reaches. You can never take it back. All you can do is try to reappear the damaged it has done. There always will stay a scar there.

Kate, it has been a while since we spoke I guess. It is probably the reason I started getting bored and think again. Thinking to much.. Again. I took Lily to the bookstore. Yes, she thought is was beautiful as always. And yes, he was working. Again. I noticed him working hard again. I did find out how to say his name now. I will not write it for both our sakes. We know who I mean. I guess I should start giving him his own ‘fiction name’. We can not keep calling ‘him’. He was cleaning something today. Don’t worry I did not drop anything. I was far from it. My sister saw it too by the way. The familiar fact that he looks like someone we know. I noticed it since day one. He really does look familiar. It is a bit scary sometimes. I talked with Lily about him before and now everytime she sees him she makes a nasty face. It is funny. I just hope he doesn’t take it a bad way. It is just something she does. She has many faces she can make. You could write a full book about it. I don’t know how but one look and I already know what she thinks of a person. I know what she thinks of you know who. I can’t believe we talk so much about people we see everyday and I still forget their faces. I know the stories. I do like to see people fit with the stories, but I keep forgetting them.

I did finish that book that I was reading a few days ago. It took me less then ten days. It was about the big tower and it basically was a Si-Fi Gossip girl. I did like it. It was over 400 pages. I really hoped it was longer than that. I like big books, but it is also lovely to have small book.

Also help me remember that I need to stop bringing my notebooks everywhere. Writing makes me forget what is going on around me. And I should focus on the things around me so I can write. But some things I do notice. Some people are worth noticing for.. Even when they do not seem to notice you.. Or so you think..
But I notice.. I even notice who is looking.. Everytime. Even when I do not look up.. I notice.. Don’t worry..


X, Sky


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