Dear Kate, 

Do you ever just sit down and look up at the sky and see how wonderful it really is? Just the other day I was walking around the stores and I saw I getting darker outside. And not long after it was raining. The rain is so calming. Don’t you love it? The reason people start running inside and disappear all of a sudden? The reason people get angry. Others get upset. All because of the most calming thing of nature. I do like the rain, but I love snow. I really don’t know why I like snow more. It is almost the same. One is frozen and the other is just.. Just rain. I mostly say I like snow more, but rain is beautiful too. Specially the one that doesn’t seem to stop until you step outside. The rain surely is something special. 

But what do I like more than the snow or the rain?

I can answer that for you. It is a full dark sky with bright stars. I specially love it when the moon isn’t as bright. Don’t get me wrong I like the moon, but when it is less bright the stars seem more beautiful. They don’t seem so shy at that moment.It is not a bad thing to be shy, but it can suck up your whole life. Yeah, experience.. It is basically how life is when you are a full Libra..

When I was younger I used to love them even more. They were the friends I could talk to. Sadly they never talked back.. I couldn’t say the moon was a good friend. Sometimes it is gone, just like the stars. My grandma used to tell me and my sister: ‘When you die you become a star. You are just one like all the others, but you will look down from up there and protect all your loved once. Up there you can see it better than down here.’

Sadly there are so many stars and some aren’t even stars. I know some of them are planets and some of them at satellites. But back then I believed it. I don’t think anyone will understand the stars. No matter how hard we will try we will never really understand them. Just like the planets. I just heard that there was another planet found that is possible for humans to live on. But we will probably never find out if we really can live on there. Thanks NASA. Thank you for taking another forty years or so to understand a planet we can use to escape on. The stars and planets are like an uncle or weird friend. They talk about.. Basically anything to be honest. Story after story after story you will pass on. But you will know one thing. It still will be a story. Until it is proven.. Oh and all that AREA 51 thing. Aliens, supernatural, hidden facts we are not suppose to know and a common person. Yeah AREA 51. That is like a toy. A governments favorite childhood toy. The favorite toy you hide from your friends and annoying cousins so it is not going to be damaged at all. The toy you hide so nobody will know about. It is your secret. Nothing you are going to share with anyone. But we all know the truth. We know there is something out there. Something hiding. 

Just like the weather. We can use so much technology, but in the end the rain is still going to come. 

Some things are made to happen. 

Why did I start thinking about rain? Why I am writing about it? It is a thing being hated by many. Loved less by others. But in the end I am still looking at the stars before I go to sleep. I am still hoping for the rain when I fall asleep.

What if we are different because we are looking for people who aren’t stars? 

What if we are looking for people with the stars in their eyes and the rain in their hearts?


X, Sky


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