Dear Kate,

Do you ever look at yourself in the reflection of a window and wonder What am I doing here? Do you ever look at your own eye and wonder what you look like to a complete stranger? The stories they come up with when they look in your eyes for a split second. You see strangers day after day and you never knew them. You could have walked by your future boss hundreds of times. You could have seen your future sister in law weeks before your sibling would like her. You could be holding a door to your further enemy on your way home. You could even look in the eyes of a killer on the train. You could even meet your ‘soul mate’ closer than you would imagine I guess.
But on the train a lot of things can happen I guess. I wonder if they saw people see things coming. Car crashes, explosions, poison in a drink, the wrong tasted drug or even a train losing the track and crashing of a high cliff. I wonder if people really care about safety. If the bus goes slower than a car but faster than a bike, then why isn’t there a seatbelt? Also if the train is going faster than all of them, where is the seatbelt? And should people be aloud to stand for so long? If there are people jumping in front of the trains then why don’t they try to make it impossible? If sugar is the twenty-first century drugs then why sell so much of it and put it in everything?
It is because we humans are weirdly like to see other humans suffer. We both love it when people do stupid things and fall on there faces. We both also love looking at videos of animals doing crazy things. There is not one person who doesn’t laugh at a panda falling out of a tree and then doing it again for a full hour. Unless you hate pandas. That is just impossible inhuman in my eyes. Unless you are a demon sucking out souls like a teenage cheerleader who can get away with everything because her family owns some big business or something.
We all know one of those girls. We all have them. A girl who gets away with everything and people look up to. The dad has some big company. The mom has her own ‘do good’ thing. And this family probably has more than one child. Probably a brother and or sister. The brother is probably on some big college and the other daughter is probably very known at the same school and is now on a mind challenging trip to Europe. Some big deal family with some high statue. We all know one of those families.
But I guess no one knows the real truth about this family. I see some of these families. But I also see the truth behind the words they speak. You can see it in the eyes when they are talking about how great their life is. It is all fake. Let me start with the truth.
The cheerleader daughter. Let us start with her. She looks so sweet talking to others and specially to the teachers. She seems to get what she wants by just breathing. And every boy that is around her can never think straight again. Nor do the girls. Here is the truth. She is so sweet because she can lie so much about anything. She got that from her sweet hearted mother. She knows how to please the people around her just so she can turn them around her hands. But the sweet little cheerleader has secrets of her own you know. She ‘dates’ and kisses everyone around the town only for one reason. To cover up the fact for her parents that she is dating a old guy who lives two towns away. How do you think she gets all the expensive things. Yeah, the guy she is dating buys it for her. And why does she date him? Not only to get the things her dad doesn’t buy for her. She also dates him because she needs more ‘father’ love. For all we care she is doing drugs to forget the fact she dated every coworker of her fathers company and she is currently with his best friend and Golf friend on the weekends. The father. Yeah he is someone like that too. He may have a big job at his own company, but you that is not what it is. His company is drowning in trouble. Bills, workers getting hurt by working to hard and let us not start with all the people they own money to. See you in court. Oh wait she doesn’t. Because in the time you could be in court you are sleeping with the nanny and also with the secretary. Let us not tell anyone about the ‘bastard’ children he has no one knows of. Don’t tell the misses.
Yeah we all know the mother knows of her husband is a lying cheater. But did you know the mother is and alcoholic? She loves to slip the vodka before she takes her pills at breakfast. That is probably better that they have a driver. Also better they have a guy she uses to update her on the cheating of her husband. Only to hell at him later when the drinking gets to her head. She probably also yells at her children before dinner and then later at night she smokes on the balcony with a glass of wine. Only to look normal in the eyes of the neighborhood. And that crazy ‘do good’ thing she has going on? That was the idea of her husband. That way he can bring money around without people knowing it. Why is that useful for her? She gets to go on vacation to her own house in Ibiza. Ibiza sure is the place to be. Then the son. He may have gotten into college, but he only got in because of his father. Sadly for the bank account of his father the son only has been to two classes in three years. He mostly hangs around the college grounds on Friday to hear where the next party is going to be. Only so he can get free alcohol. What people don’t see is that he has a record as big as the ocean. Let’s just describe it as ‘the cops and court know him by first, second and last name’. Don’t let his parents know that there is a record going around he is not welcome in five feet of every school. And what about the other daughter.. The one who is on her trip around Europe. That is one big lie. She is not around Europe at all. She is probably just in another state. Hidden away by her family. Far away from anyone who knows their family members. You probably think she went crazy because of the drugs slowly melting her brain away. Sadly the mother wished that was true. Her lovely daughter went crazy because of her teenage pregnancy. I guess daddy’s little girl is not so little anymore.
But this family is still the most lovely family around. I guess everyone is under there spell.. I guess ‘snake girl’ has everyone under her spell as well..

‘Fake people like that are secret bloody sirens
blind to all we don’t see
But it takes a good potion to see the filthy truth that is lying underneath.’

I guess we never see anything coming..

Don’t become a cheerleader Kate.. And never be jealous of one ether..

X, Sky


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