Dear Kate,
Do you ever wonder what life would be like when you don’t do anything all day? No school, no work. Yeah, I imagine that. I remember a lot by the way. But I also forget a lot. Ask me what I did a month ago and I can give you a full list what I did and what I saw. But ask me what I did three days ago.. I probably forgot. It was probably the same thing I did everyday.  It sometimes takes days before it comes back. The worse thing about forgetting is really the forgetting. Not knowing any longer. Some people hate forgetting small things. There keys, phone, pencil, notebook, a hair tie. But it is not the same. Not at all. Because in the end you remember what you did forget. I noticed how I kept forgetting faces. I know their stories. Sometimes even their names. But there faces stay unknown to me. That is why I like pictures of others. Seeing people having fun. The time of their lives. Sad moments. Even people thinking. My favorite thing is the picture when people don’t know there is a picture taken. I call those pictures ‘Shadow picture’. It is unexpected. Some people hate those pictures. But look at them again. Now with a different eye. Look at at person in frame. The face of that person is not forcing a smile, a laugh or a cry. That person is not trying to look good. This person is not focused on another frame for there Facebook, Instagram or even Tinder. It is not how the picture is taken. It has emotion in it. The perfect timing. Pure and real. That is What it is about. So don’t feel weird when you take a bad picture or someone places a bad picture of you online. Yes you might look bad in your own eyes. But to someone else this  picture might be all they have. Maybe It is there ‘Shadow picture’. Maybe they just want to mess up your perfect picture line on your profile. But to someone out there that picture might be the most perfect picture ever. And you would never know that. People take pictures of beautiful things. Most of the time they take them to remind themselves how pretty that moment was.
Maybe your picture was there favorite memory.. Maybe you are someone’s favorite memory..

X, Sky


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