Dear Kate,
It has been a while since I last saw you. I guess you have been busy for a while. I don’t blame you for that. I guess school is on your neck now. I guess your exams will be soon. Again. I remember school. It is stressful. And now society has our hands tight. There has been a lot on my mind the couple of days. I keep forgetting what show I was watching or what book I ordered. I even forgot how to write my own name today. I also forget what date it is. I forget what day it is a lot. Today I thought it was September. It is April.. How do I keep forgetting it is Wednesday when it is clearly Friday? Maybe I need a better calendar. One that reminds me what day it is. Maybe I should write daily to remember myself what day it is. I would probably feel more confused than. I guess writing would feel more like a job than. A unpaid job. I probably feel more pressure as well.
Anyway the other day it was raining. It was heavier than before. I could barely look out my window. I did not feel like reading so I just stared at my window for a few hours. I don’t remember how long I stared at it, but I was hungry when I felt my room. The rain had gotten less when I got downstairs. I got bored so I did what I do best. Online stalking. So that is basically what I did all day. I found some great family’s to stalk for a few minutes. Why are there so much family drama going on? And why the hell do most of these people keep there pages open to see for people who can see everything? Do people know that everyone can see things these days? Even the people they could work for one day? Please watch out what you post online. Also why do people catfish so often? And those people fall for them so easy? You can basically find everything online and they still fall for a complete stranger who is faking everything. I see it this way. You can better be a paranoid girl stalking and checking everything than being someone who believes everything. Yeah, it is good to keep secrets sometimes, but if you care about someone.. Just talk to them. If they can not Handel it.. This person is just not worth it at all.
Giving and taking. That is what everyone tells you to do. Only some people don’t want to give. I am not saying they are bad people. But they make themselves look bad sometimes. If you ignore the people you call friends when they need help and then appear when you need help.. Don’t expect them to help you. If you don’t know what to do you can tell them. Just ask them what you can do. I see these people everyday. They are everywhere. I just hope these people know that they could change. A lot of people say ‘People don’t change’. They will not change until they find someone worth changing for..

Find yourself someone worth changing for.. But only in a good way..

X, Sky


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