Dear Kate,
About last time. I know we were suppose to meet. Sorry I couldn’t be there. I got lost in reading. That book you told me about. I finished it. I had to. And right now it is killing me. I have so many questions now. Why does every book you advise me to read end up with death? And why do I keep falling for it? So now I am going to let you know. I hate you and I will never follow your advise any longer.
That is a lie. In this time I am writing this I probably already asked you a lot more. And by the time you are reading this I will already know what you did today. I probably already know what new book you are reading right now. You always tell me so much things and I love that. Also last time I did not update you on the snake girl. There was nothing to update you on except that she was still walking around town with the same pictures. I haven’t seen her around town since last week. I think it is finally hitting her. Maybe she gave up. It wouldn’t surprise me in her little brother stole it. Again.
I do have a new rumor around. On Monday [yeah the Monday you were busy. Again.] I went to the bookstore by myself. Be proud of me fighting my anxiety! I did look around for a long time. I found some books on your list. I don’t know where you looked but they do have them. I guess they are on a shelf you haven’t found yet. It is on the second floor. If you stand before them you can see our hang out spot perfectly. I don’t know why I call it our hang out spot. I guess because of the shelf next to the two lazy chairs. It has most of the books we already own. Maybe it is the table that is always empty. Maybe it is the weird empty brick chimney close by. Did you ever notice that it is really creepy? Sometimes when it get really silence you can hear things from outside. The people rushing to there work. People running to the trains. Yelling for a cab or two. It is funny how you never notice all this when you aren’t focusing on it. People forget all these things fast right? About the people they saw that day.

Did you know that more than twenty percent of the people you see a day you will never see again?

X, Sky


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