Dear Kate,
Let me start of with this.. How was your geek meeting? I know I was there, but it felt as if I wasn’t. You two seemed into your element a lot. The only words I understood were food and the first awkward words when you two sat down. I don’t know if you noticed me leaving, but I had to leave it one point. I was third wheeling a little to long for my taste. Also because I was already having a bad day. I guess all the stress is going to my head faster than I expected. I wasn’t going to bother you with it. You seemed to have a lot of fun. I did not want to stay and read. I do have a reading block thanks to the book I had to read for school. Really who needs a month to read one book? The teacher told me to read it again. I guess I was the first one to finish this book.
I do wonder how everything went. She surely seems nice. I do hope she now knows what that book was all about. I think she can read all these weird things too. There is a little thing that is bothering me about her. There is this weird vibe around her when she talks. I don’t know if it is because she is talking about the book or if it is her voice. I tried to not see to much into it. Maybe she was just nervous. I thought I just point it out. Just in case.
Time for something else.
I had some time on my hands and I randomly looked around the other sides of town. There are indeed some cute stores around. I guess we never checked them out before. Or maybe they are new and we never wanted to see them. I found a new store you would like. It is called ‘Grey Day’ and guess what. Everything is grey. Even the front door is grey. Lily bought a sweater there today. The bag was grey as well. I know you like Grey. You told me that a few days ago. I do have to say I expected you to like red more. I guess I will have to give you directions soon enough. Just not right now. Right now I am trying to get my head back on straight and try to keep myself under control. Try to stay in control and not lose it. Lose everything I have left..

X, Sky


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