Dear Kate,
What is up Sherlock? Sorry had to say it. I can’t believe you straight up went for that Sherlock drink last time. I can’t believe I was right. It was really green. I hope to try out the Mary Poppins drink soon. I hope it is a spoon full of sugar. I had to.. Sorry. To be honest I only thought they had coffee and tea. But really there themed cookies are great as well. The little comic cakes are so adorable. You should get the spider man one. It has cherry flavor. I really thought the superman one would have the cherry flavor but I heard it is red velvet. I think the batman one is chocolate. I am not sure. We should check them out. I saw the hulk one was apple flavored. I hope it is a bit sour. I sometimes love sour apple candy. I used to hate it when I was little, but now I like it sometimes.
I am losing it again. Anyway. To update you, yeah that girl is still looking for that updated worm. I don’t know how that animal is surviving. That thing is probably dead already. She now doesn’t look so sad anymore. I think she is excepting the fact it might not come back..
But let me tell you something new for now. On Wednesday. Your remember right? I did what you said and yes I noticed it now. I think you are right. There is indeed a new boy working around the store. I saw him work the other day. I took my parents with me this time because they wanted to see the new store. They did not want to believe me when I said it was looking a lot better now and not dangerous anymore. They believed me when they walked around for hours. I do believe my eye were more looking for the new boy than to look for a new book. I saw him work the other day again. That day when we were planning on going but you got stuck in class without telling me. Don’t worry I do not blame you. But he seems like a nice person. I think he fits in just perfect. He was very nice to the people he was helping. I noticed he was walking around with a box of new books so I think we need to go back soon. For the books.

Oh before I totally forget. When you got stuck in class and I was alone in the store, there was this girl. I don’t remember if she gave me her name, but she came over and asked about that book I got you. I don’t know if she was a fan but she looked very interested in the words I told her. I really had no idea what she was asking but I told her she should ask you those things. She asked when we were planning on meeting up again. I said we would be here on Monday. If you don’t mind acting like a complete geek then. I think she likes the same weird stuff you are into. She also recommended a new drink they did not add to the menu just yet. I think she might be new.. I never seen her before..

I guess i will hear from you soon.

X, Sky


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