Dear Kate,
It count my attention that I start every letter the same way. Not that it bothers me. Not yet anyway.
Today let me start with that weird girl. I saw her the other day. She was handing out those ‘if found’ posters. I still think she killed that thing with her own hands. There is a rumor going on you took that slimy thing. I don’t think that is the case. What and why would you need another one? Yes, I know you have one hanging around in your basement. Don’t you dare pull a prank on me with that thing. I already have a formula for snake soup place on the fridge. I wonder if it will taste like a cheating liar. Probably will. I don’t care why you have that thing, but don’t expect me to like it.
Anyway that thing is still missing. I hope it is not another animal sacrifice love spell. Remember the hamster accident? And the week of the goldfishes? I hope it will never be that way again. That smell hung around the hallway for months.
About the other day. You said the bookstore was the next big thing. I loved how you already imagined how we would hang out there more often. By the way. How was that coffee? What was it called again? Austen’s mind?  Was it tea? And why in the world was it light pink? I wonder what that Sherlock was about. I bet it is dark green. I do hope they add a Watson one as well. Would be useful. If they plan on making a Romeo and Juliet themed one.. I am not going to take it. It will probably taste like poison. I loved your reaction when you saw the book I got you. Also your face when you saw that self I told you about. Priceless. When are we going again? Wednesday right? I keep forgetting what date. I have so many things on my mind. I think if something new comes with all I have going on.. I might have another breakdown. I guess it would give me even more stress than I already have.
Maybe we should start working in the bookstore. Those green aprons look very cute. The new logo even looks better than before. I guess it is probably the best if we not work there. We would probably buy everything. I think we do have to make it our new hang out place. Maybe we can make a full map. That way we can’t get lost. Probably the best thing for both of us.

See you in a while.

X, Sky


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