Dear Kate,

Again it is me. Before I forget I got that book you wanted so badly. You don’t have to ask how I found it after all that time. I know you have been looking for it for months. Lily took me to the bookstore. The big one on the edge of town. I remember when we first came in there. It still has the same smell. Dust and old fashion books. It now also smells like coffee. I guess they make coffee now too. We should hang out there more. It is less busy than the store we mostly go to. Also there is a new owner. The store is still old, but there are more books now. New shelf’s. You will love it there. The store got bigger. I think they might moved stuff around to make more space. We lost Jennifer twice. At least. There was a shelf stocked with classic supernatural books. Remember that shelf. We found an opening there. It leads to another room with shelf’s. It looked like a storage room, but I did find that book you liked there. I don’t know what you like about it. There aren’t normal letters or numbers in it. Only some signs. Must be something new you are into. I think you will love it there.

The other day when you picked up your notebook I noticed you were holding a complete different book. Was it new? It really didn’t look new, but I never seen it before. What are you even reading? Also what are you even doing with that notebook? Are you creating a full size wolf with it or something? Where do you even keep all these books? Last time I was around I did not see any shelf’s.. Maybe you should come shopping next time. Get yourself a set of shelf’s. Maybe some new books. Do you think I would love coffee? I don’t understand coffee at all. I am more a sweet tooth. You know that already of course. I  can’t wait to find myself some new books. Maybe we should look for some new comic stuff too. Time to add something new to the collection. Sadly you are way to busy the last few days. School is running over you and I guess you could get some free time. Let me know when you are getting some free time. Lily asked how you were doing the other day. She has also been busy with school. Jennifer was also really busy. I guess everyone is busy these days. It doesn’t bother me that much, but it would be nice to be busy as well. Just for once. Do you also get that when you are all by yourself that your minds starts running places it should not be in? That you start thinking about things you should not be thinking about? About things you would never think of? About your past.. About what should be better than the choices you made. If your life would be completely different than it is now. Or would everything still be the same anyway? Do you ever think of things like that? I do have so weird thoughts in one day..

Also there i think the girls snake has been lost after we saw her with it. I think she might have killed it..

Anyway I hope to hear from you soon.

X, Sky


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