Dear Kate,

I don’t know where to start today. I am not going to ask you how you are doing, I already know. My day was alright, but you already know that too. There has been a lot of rain lately. I know you like rain just like I do. It is calming. I know. Today it had me thinking again. What if. What if rain wasn’t rain? What if we never knew what rain was? I see so much people hating it. Why? They run from it and hide under things. When they can’t hide from it they look angry and then talk about how much they hate it. I don’t understand it. When it rains, they want sun. When it is to warm, they want snow. When it is to cold, they want warmth. Idiots.

I see everyone run these days. Run to there work to be in time and make money. Then run back home in time to eat and sleep fast for the next day to work again. And then the moment they have money they spent it all on things they will never need. Idiot humans.

There are moments I wonder. I wonder if humans know how crazy they are being. I would understand. I am still one of them. But I am not the same and you know that. I know how you expect this place to be better than your home. It is not. I can promise you that. There hasn’t happened much in town yet. There was something going on, but I did not listen to that. It wasn’t important enough. All I got from the story was that some child went missing in the woods close by and was found six weeks after. It wasn’t important to me because that family is known for losing there children every now and then.
Oh I almost forgot! That weird notebook you left in my locker the other day. Do you still need that? I found it a few days ago and it smells weird. What did you put into it? It smells like rotten eggs mixed with worms. Last I saw it, it looked as if it was growing an arm. I don’t know what know of crap you put on it, but please pick it up when you can.

Also that girl you talked about is back in town. Who was she again? A family member? Or was is that girl you meant with the snake she always wears around?

I guess I will have to see you soon.

X, Sky.


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